General there are two (2) methods employed as a means of pest control against cockroaches. They are chemical spraying and baiting.

  1. For the purpose of controlling cockroaches, all potential breeding and harbour areas will be Sprayed with a chemical called baygon with the aid of a normal fine residual spray using a Hand pump. Baygon has an immediate “knockdown” effect on cockroaches.
  2. Cockroaches coming into contact with freshly treated surface are effect within minutes and The said effect is visibly apparent.
  3. In addition the chemical baygon has a “fleshly-out” effect. Cockroach that are not directly treated With the spray during treatment are forced by the vapour to leave their hiding places. in so doing They come into contact with treated areas and are killed.
  4. The said “flushing –out” effect result in a percentage of pest population exterminated
  5. The said chemical has a along residual life extending to several months. However this is subject to The type of surface treated and degree of infestation
  6. For the purpose of treating cockroaches, all possible harbour areas will be sprayed. The said Spraying of harbour areas included spraying of surface, behind fixtures into cricks and crevices and other potential infestation areas. This treatment result with an extensive control on Cockroaches.
  7. In the event harbour areas are not directly accessible (E.g. gas behind sinks), we will spray a Barrier zone round them to circumvent future infestations
  1. Certain area will also be baited for cockroaches
  2. The commonly use bait for cockroaches is baygon fly-bait.
  3. this bait is used when spraying with chemical is not desirable
  4. baygon fly-bait contain a stomach poison, which exterminates cockroaches
  5. we will set up semi-permanent bait-station extensively and intensively throughout the targeted area at strategic positions and special attention will be give to the drainage area.
  6. Baits will be left in a sheltered place where cockroaches usually feed and nest
  7. The bait-station protect the bait from the effect of weather
  8. baits will be replenished and check at monthly intervals and additional bait-station will be set up if necessary
  9. Old baits will be discarded and replace during our schedule visits. This to ensure that the baits are fresh and stay effective for their for purpose. The baits will stay effective under normal condition approximately three (3) months.