1. We will conduct inspections during our month visits in order to eradicate The said pest
  2. We would be stepping up our effect to control the occurrence of such pests and Attention will be give to this said pest on our routine schedule visits.
  3. Dogs. Cows and goats are captured with the use of a noose attached to a long pole.
  4. We also capture dogs, goats and monkeys using hand-net measuring 2 ½ feet in Diameter.
  5. We will also set up steel-cage traps to capture dogs and monkeys if necessary.
  6. The said trap measure 2x3x2 ½.
  7. Baits will be place in steel-cage traps to induce the said pest. These baits are attached to a mechanism that shuts the trap door of the steel-cage when the said are removed.
  8. At times acting on discretion, our technicians would chase away the animals instead.
  1. Generally there are two (2) methods employed by us for controlling and Exterminating snakes which is fogging with a chemical called Len trek EC 400 And spraying with a baygon chemical dilution.
  2. For the controls of snakes we use fogging which is performed with the aid of a Fogging Machine.
  3. Fogging is a process of generating a dens fog of insecticide. This has a “flush-out” Effect and will momentarily cause the snakes to be unconscious.
  4. Should live snakes be discovered and we are called upon to deal with it, we will Spray a concentrated dilution of the chemical baygon onto the snake’s head. This gives a temporary knockdown effect on the snakes.
  5. We will then proceed to terminate the snakes and dispose of it.