Our technicians will use the following equipments when performing various previously Control treatment.

  1. This pump is employed as instrument to administer chemical sprays.
  2. These pump are usually constructed of durable plastic or stainless steel.
  3. These pump are corrosion and chemical resistant.
  4. These pump are equipment with a D-handle and pump-tube-cylinder. This would enable the pumps to pressurize in order to spray the chemical.
  5. these pumps are also equipped with “drip-proof angle-extension” which features a “shut-off” at the tip to eliminate drips and contamination of non-target substrate. The tips “shut-off” will prevent accidental discharge.
  1. The respirator is used as a safety precaution when chemical spray is Executed. Each respirator is equipped with a “single functional Air-purifying dust/mist filter” this respiratory protection against airborne Contamination in the form of dust and mist.
  1. Our technicians will be equipped with goggles as a safety measure when They are fogging.
  1. Fogging is performed with the said of a fogging machine.
  1. Gloves are issued to all technicians when they administer spraying of Chemical, fogging and other service.
  1. The motor spray will be used when there is aa large area to be sprayed.
  2. The pump is equipped with a piston-pump unit which will motorize The spraying process.
  1. The mist fog is an instrument with which a thick dense fog can be Generated.
  2. This can be done with minimal noise as possible using the mist fog.
  3. The machine utilizes electricity for operation.
  1. The rats trap is placed at rat walkways to enable the trapping of rats. Delicious rat baits will be placed to attract the rats to enter the trap.
  2. The trapped rat will be removed by our technicians.
  1. Some sticky glue will be placed on a piece of plywood measuring one Square foot. Delicious rats baits will be placed to attract the rats to step on The glue boards.
  2. The trapped rat will be removed by our technicians.
  1. These cages will be used to trap dogs, cats and monkeys. Baits such as Bananas, dogs food and etc. Will be used to trap the animals.
  2. The trapped rat will be removed by our technicians.
  1. Nets will be used to trap animals such as goats and dogs.