1. Generally there are two (2) methods employed as a mean o pest control against flies Which are Ultra-Low Volume spraying (ULV) for the interior of the affected Premises and fogging will be conducted for outdoor areas.
  2. These methods are specifically designed for eradication and management, array of Flying and crawling for outdoor areas.
  1. This proposed treatment was specifically designed to treat the indoor area of any Premise. The aforesaid treatment is spraying of insecticide at low volume.
  2. the insecticide baygon EC 20 is administered in the form of a mist. The said mist is part water and chemical. This form of insecticide spraying is ideal for the interior of the said premise.
  3. Baygon EC 20 is administered for U.L.V. spraying. It is in liquid form and has 20% Of propoxur as active ingredient.
  4. It has less odor and is the preferred insecticide for interior use.
  5. This treatment also exterminates a wide range of other flying and crawling insects Such as mosquitoes, Ants, Flies, Fleas, Ticks and Cockroaches.
  6. Our experience technicians will administer the said treatment extensively throughout The effected premise.
  7. During the said treatment certain articles must be covered. All preparatory work Such as covering the mentioned articles is the responsibility of the client.
  8. The said treatment requires the intended site to be vacated and all smoke detection System to be turned off while the treatment is conducted.
  9. A machine called a mist spray is employed for the purpose of administering the said Treatment .
  10. This machine is able to administer insecticide from 0 – 45 liters per hour.
  1. Fogging used for the exterior premise if the affected area. We use as chemical called Fen Dona SC and is mixed as part water and part chemical.
  2. This chemical as a quick knockdown effect and effectively controls the flying Population.
  3. Fogging is performed with the aid of a fogging machine. The fogging method is Process of generating a dense fog of insecticide.