General Pest Control
General pest control is rendered in order to eradicate a wide array of pest. The most common method Employed to eradicate such pest is by the use of chemicals sprayed with a fine residual hand pump.

General pest control is a service of periodical treatment for pest. The frequency of such treatment depends On many factors such as the degree of infestation our client’s preference and etc. this service is in line With the aim of the company’s objective streamline our service to suit our client’s need.

This is a maintenance measure that is extended to all types of premises. This service enables an Array of pest to be treated. The said service aims to eradicate or control the below mentioned pest.
  1. ANTS
  3. RATS
The periodicity of service is the number of occasions our technical will visit any given premise In a certain time frame. The periodicity of service will be determined taking into account various Factors such as :-
  1. The degree of infestation of pest.
  2. The surrounding environment of the proposed premises.
  3. Other surround circumstances.
Once the periodicity of service has been established the various visit made to the proposed premises Will be carried our by securing appointment. General pest control service is usually performed by monthly. However periodicity of the said service can be suited to met our clients need.

Details of service to our clients are maintained in a Service Verification report. In this report, information pertaining to performance of the service rendered is verified. Upon completion of service, our clients are requested to sign a service repost, which would indicate our attendance and the number of visit that has already been rendered.