1. For the purpose of controlling mosquitoes, the effected area will be treated with fogging.
  2. Fogging is a process of generating a dense fog of insecticide. This treatment exterminates a wide range of flying and crawling insects.
  3. This method using for applying oil-soluble insecticides to treat large areas within its boundary.
  4. A chemical mixture of malathion will be used in the fogging process.
  5. Fogging is usually performed outdoors.
  6. Apart from fogging, we use a pesticide called abate 1-SG to control mosquito larvae.
  7. The said pesticide will be applied to portable water containers, water tank, earthenware and Ceramic water jars and flowerpots.
  8. An alternative pesticide called abate emulsion is employed to control mosquito larvae.
  9. A mixture of litter of abate emulsion will be added to 2 gallon of oil. The duration of the said Treatment normally lasts for 2 hours as this would depend on the size of infected area.
  10. Each targeted area requires 1 litter of abate emulsion each month.