(Subterranean Termites)
This treatment is performed at various stages. The said treatment commences prior to the building Being erected and performed throughout the construction and until completion of the said building. The aim of this treatment is to provide a construction barrier of insecticide between soil and building. The said treatment is usually rendered for construction site, proposed residential site and etc, As it a comprehensive treatment for control of White Ants (Subterranean Termites).

SCOPE OF WORK Treatment involves two (2) stages, which is the formation of vertical and horizontal barriers. the very progressive nature of the treatment requires that it e performed at various stage of the construction of the building. As such we may be required to render the treatment over several visits to the site


FIRST STAGE The horizontal barrier is formed after the building’s ground beans have been constructed prior to The concrete- foundation being poured. This is accomplished by applying pesticide into trenches In the soil adjacent to the said ground beams ad any other structures in contact with the soil. The said Pesticide will be applied to both side of the said ground beams at a rate of 4 litters per 1 linear meter of trench.

The soil surface of the concrete –foundation is spraying at an application rate of 5 litters of pesticide Per square meter. The said barrier will prevent subterranean termites from penetrating the building Through cracks and crevice on the reverse side of the foundation.


The second (2nd) stage of the treatment will be performed when the proposed building has been erected. the treatment involves application of pesticide to areas such as expansion joints of concrete slabs, near plumbing or utility entrances through concrete-foundation. The walls of the first floor of the building and any other level, which is in close proximity with the soil, will be treated with pesticide. We will also conduct spraying of pesticide on the entire roof trust, will be performed once the said roof trust has been constructed.

We will conduct an annual inspection after the final stage of the service has been completed. During These inspections our technicians will conduct an examination on the treated-premise for evidence of Subterranean termites’ re-infestation. Subsequently our technicians will perform spraying of pesticide On these inspections.

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