1. Generally there are (3) methods employed as a means of pest control against rats which are Bating, laying glue boards and rat traps
  2. The treatment method may vary depending on the rats feeding habits and area, which is Being treatment
  3. Regardless of which method is used, an inspection will be contacted to determine the severity of infestation
  4. Our technicians will determine the severity of infestation my inspecting the effected areas. Spoilt food traces of gnawing on doors, walls objects, fresh tracks at entrance to burros, rat droppings and rat hairs are indicators of rat activity.
  5. Once the severity of infestation has been established, then we would process to determine The method of treatment.
  6. The same procedure applies for field rats.
  1. This is the general method usually used
  2. Currently we are using “ Matiku” or “Talom” for baits as it is easy to apply and ia weather, Insect and mould resistant.
  3. We will set up semi-permanent bait-station extensively and intensively throughout the premise At strategic positions and special attention will be given to the drainage areas
  4. Bait consisting of 5-10 cubes are best placed in bait-station as they offer a source and shelter For feeding and nesting.
  5. If field rats are the targeted pest, then the same baits will be mixed with some vegetation Commonly consumed by these rodents and left in areas frequently visited by the field rats and at strategic stations
  6. The bait-stations protect baits from the effects of weather as it is usually stationed at sheltered areas
  7. Rats are sporadic feeders and will explore new object. As such we will move bait-stations occasionally
  8. Once the rats feed on the bait, it causes internal hemorrhage and makes the rats to become blind. This causes them to search for light and water.
  9. As a result they will die in open area such as drains
  10. Baits will be checked at monthly intervals and additional bait-station will be placed if it’s necessary
  11. Old baits will be discarded and replaced during our schedule visits to the affected areas. This is to ensure that baits are fresh and stay effective for their purpose. The baits will stay effective under normal conditions for approximately three (3) months
  1. Laying blue board and rat traps is another measure used as treatment against rats. If the need Should arise.
  2. This method of treatment is usually used at certain areas where baiting is not desirable
  3. We will set up glue board and rats traps along rat runaways and at strategic positions. frequented by rats.
  4. For glue boards we will smear a layer of glue onto a plywood board measuring 1 square foot
  5. At the center of the boards we will place suitable bait e.g any delicious meat on the surface Of the glue
  6. For the rat traps to be effect delicious meat such as anchovies shall be use as baits to capture The rats
  7. Rats caught will be killed immediately